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For Frank Målefors, bringing mid-century Scandinavian design to Phoenix is personal. To him, it represents his heritage and what he loves. He currently lives in Phoenix, but was born and raised in Sweden.  Even after his family moved to America, they would still travel back home every summer to stay connected to Swedish art, culture and traditions.

Malefors is a continuation of those childhood summers. 

Now when he visits, Frank is focused on finding rare and beautiful Scandinavian designs to bring back to his gallery in Phoenix. He fills containers with hand-selected pieces from world renowned Scandinavian designers like Arne Vodder and Hans Wegner throughout the year to meet the needs of those who won’t settle for reproductions or imitations.

As a curator of mid-century design himself, Frank  sees the pieces for more than just their function, He says, “the designers are sculptors. Creating art pieces with impeccable form and shape that can also be useful.” 


It is with that passion and keen eye for these rare pieces that Frank has built Målefors

Frank Malefors Vintage Imports
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