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This is a 1960s free-standing "Omni" wall unit or room divider in walnut designed by George Nelson. It is currently set up as a 4 bay, but it could be used as a smaller unit or broken up into several smaller units. This is an original version made by Structural Products and was the predecessor to the CSS produced by Herman Miller.


The cabinets are finished on the back so this can be used as a wall unit or floating in a room as a room divider. It comes with five spring-loaded tension poles with all the original rubber caps and feet. Also included are 5 original pole extensions and multiple sizes of spacers to allow for this unit to be used in a room with a higher ceiling. Wall mounting brackets are also available online so this could be used in a vaulted ceiling space.


This unit comes with four cabinets and seven shelves of various sizes. The largest double shelf could be used as a desk, and one cabinet does include file drawers. This also comes with two original light fixtures. Included components:


- Two-door cabinet (upper left). 30.75" W x 18" D x 15" T

- Large cabinet with four pull-out drawers (lower left). 30.75" W x 18" D x 24" T

- Tambour door cabinet (upper right). 30.75" W x 18" D x 14" T

- Large cabinet with two wide drawers and two side-by-side file cabinet drawers (lower right). The upper drawer includes an original organizer. 30.75" W x 18" D x 24" T

- 3X Shelves 30" W x 9" D

- Double shelf 30" W x 19.25" D

- 2X Shelves 32" W x 12" D

- Desk/Large shelf 32" W x 25.25" D


As pictured as a 4-bay unit it measures a total of 127.5" long. The poles without feet or spring tensioners measure 93" (as pictured installed it is about 95" tall, but could be used in shorter or taller rooms).


This unit is in great condition overall with only a few small, normal flaws. The largest shelf/desk and the cabinet next to it have a little water damage along their edge (see pic). It is only cosmetic though and does not affect how they mount, their structural integrity, or usefulness. Two of the cabinet hangers have broken tips, but they still work fine and this is not visible when installed. This unit also has four brand new, upgraded cabinet hangers in CNC'd aluminum (not pictured). The walnut has very nice grain throughout. Overall this is a very very nice unit.


Free shipping in the U.S. is included in this price. International shipping is available, please contact us for a quote. If you are local or would like to arrange your own transport, please contact me for a discounted price.

1960s George Nelson Omni Modular Wall Unit or Room Divider

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  • George Nelson

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