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Mobilia Magazine Issue No. 113. December 1964. Finn Juhl, Hans Olsen


International Design Magazine focused on Scandinavian Furniture Design, Interior Design, Architecture, Art, Sculpture, and Industrial Design. Published in Denmark.

Text in Danish, English, German and French.


This issue features the articles:


  • "Milano Furniture Fair" - Colombo, Lenzi, and many more
  • "Finn Juhl at the Mobilia Club" - pictures of many Juhl design's in this issue
  • "La Gondola" - written by Professor Ole Wanscher
  • "The A.I.D. Prize to Has Olsen" - written by Thomas Winding
  • "Bernt" - A focus on the design's of the Danish designer
  • Eulogy to Ludvig Pontppidan
  • "The Cabinet Maker's Guild Exhibition" - Vestergaard Jensen, Peder Pedersen, Ole Wanscher, A.J. Iversen, Ejner Larsen, Bender Madsen, and many more

And more….


Special Features included with Issue:


  • Loose Invitation insert for upcoming Sibast and Domus Danica Show 
  • Multi colored and textured pages


Advertisers include:


  • L.F.Fought
  • Salesco
  • Interna - Mogens Koch
  • Den Blaa Fabrik
  • P. Jeppesen
  • Chr. Jensen
  • Sibast
  • C.F.Christiansen
  • Frem Røjle
  • and others….





10.25” W x 10.25” H





Used magazine with some condition issues. Some damage to the spine including missing and ripped paper (see pictures). The lower left corner is bent. Still reads well. No missing or loose pages.

Please look at all the pictures to see actual condition.


Many more issues of Mobilia, and other Scandinavian Design Books, Magazines, Periodicals, and Catalogs available.

Mobilia Magazine No. 113. December 1964. Finn Juhl, Hans Olsen, and more

  • Mobilia Magazine - Denmark

  • No. 113

    December 1964

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