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Sven Ellekaer for Soren Willadsen Danish Rosewood and Leather Lounge Chair

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Here is a very cool Danish lounge chair in leather and rosewood. It is an uncommon model, designed by Sven Ellekær for Søren Willadsen, circa 1960s-70s. The wide and low seat seems to be floating in the rosewood base, with brass spacers between the back and the frame. The chair’s long legs and oval buttons are also unique features of this very comfortable easy chair.


This armchair is upholstered in dark brown leather that was designed to naturally patina and wear with age and use. This leather intentionally has imperfections, and like a good baseball glove or leather wallet, it will continue to gain character by showing stretches, scratches, marks, wrinkles, color variation, and general wear. The chair has new foam and is very