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The original patented Danish elastic rubber strap No 465 with molded metal clips on both ends. The clips are angled at 30 degrees, just as the original designs require (other clips with 45 degree bends for example may not seat correctly in grooves).


To order the correct straps, measure the distance from slot to slot and compare to the chart in the images (see pictures for example). DO NOT USE THE THREE DIGIT NUMBER FROM YOUR OLD STRAP OR THE MEASUREMENT OF YOUR OLD STRAP TO ORDER. Please take a new measurement of the distance between the grooves on your furniture to verify that you order the correct straps.


The No. 465 strap is for distances between 20 11/16 - 21 5/8 inches (526-550 mm)


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The Original Fagas Strap No 465

  • For routine cleaning use mild soap and water. Do not use chemicals such as: oils, gasoline, paint thinner, acetone, etc. as these will damage the straps. Avoid high temperatures or excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

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